Edmonds Christmas Tree

A little detour on my walk home from the Sounder train in the evening took me past the Edmonds Christmas Tree, all lit up. (December 11, 2013)

Edmonds Christmas Tree 2013

Olympics from Edmonds

The Olympic Mountains really stand out when seen from Edmonds. This photo was shot at about 8 am on January 1, 2011, just after sunrise. The best public place I have found for viewing the Olympics and the Ferries crossing Puget Sound is from the plaza behind the library. Maybe I’ll see you there one day.

Olympic Mountains and Ferry from Edmonds, WA
Olympic Mountains and Ferry from Edmonds, WA

Mushrooms, Anyone?

I was looking for fall colors and found myself at Hickman Park. The trees in Restlawn Memorial Park cemetery across the road from the park caught my eye, so I strolled through there. These mushrooms were as brilliant as any of the trees. (November 2, 2012)