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City Council Meeting: Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector

June 18, 2019. This evening the Edmonds City Council Meeting agenda will include an item to discuss authorizing the mayor to sign a supplemental agreement for further study of the Edmonds Street Overpass.

If you are unaware of this project (I was until a few months ago), this is an overpass that would extend Edmonds Street over the railroad tracks and down to Bracketts Landing North Park. You can read more details at

I walk Sunset Avenue frequently, and I think this overpass would greatly disrupt the views from Sunset Avenue. This is the wrong solution for the problem they are trying to solve. There are better options.

I can’t attend the City Council meeting tonight, but if you can, please do.


Rebuilding this Website

This site has been rebuilt in WordPress. After many years using Sitesell for this website, I decided to rebuild it using WordPress. You will notice some things will change as I experiment to get things the way I want them.

Many URLs on this site have changed slightly. If you are having troubles finding a particular page, use the Menu on the left to navigate to it.

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